Bigg Boss: Devil's team beat the angels, fight across life

  The Friday episode of Bigg Boss season 14 saw two tasks. Under the first task, the house was divided into two parts. If one section became Satan, the other section was made an angel. According to the name, whatever contestant Satan had become, he had to make the lives of angels hell. He had to bother them a lot, had to dance at his behest. On the other hand, the angels also had to stop Satan from getting angry. Read More:  Telly Updates News In the task, EIjaz, Nikki, Ali Goni have been made devils, on the other hand Rubina, Jaan, Abhinav and Pavitra have been made angels. The angels did not have much to do in this task. In such a situation, Satan continued to dominate them. Sometimes Nikki made Rubina spoil her taddy, sometimes EIjaz asked Jan to put his hand in the toilet. Now if the angels refused to obey the devil, it was considered a violation of the rule. In such a situation, Captain Jasmine of the house was keeping a close eye on everyone. But in the end, this task was done by